Monday, July 28, 2008

counting chickens

appearantly you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch.....still no offer. Frustrating!!! But, I really feel like I was supposed to be here a little longer. After all...if I would have left when I wanted too..I wouldn't have met Reggie. And he is the cat's meow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baseball, politics and babes

I love baseball. I have been a Mets fan now for a few years...and I'm happy to say that they are finally starting to pick it up this season. The Mets started out with an awful year...but are quickly moving their way up to the top of the standings. I'm hoping that I'll make it to New Jersey in time to catch them in action in Shea...because very very soon Shea will be a distant memory. I'm always sad about old landmarks closing, but its exciting to see the new Citi Field. I'm sure it will be very nice.
Politically I am very content at this point. I couldn't be happier with the democratic nominee! I love Barack Obama. The more I read about this man the stronger I feel that he needs to be our next President. Especially now that I have some strong feelings about this man in the Airforce...I feel even stronger that this war needs to end! He's been over to Iraq twice already! I don't want him to have to go again...but I feel like only Obama can help end this crap.
As far as babes go...I have found a huge babe. He is so babelicious I can't even begin to describe his babeness. I am pretty much the happiest that I have been in a really long time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

p.s....good news!!!

so i am expecting an offer on my house today....cross your fingers! :)

leaving las vegas....

I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. I didn't want to leave...but in a few days the man I went to Vegas to see will be leaving Vegas for good anyway. He is moving to S. Carolina. I really like this guy. Like I like him A LOT! He is everything on my list. Its like someone read what I want in a man and then put him in my life. It makes me a little nervous...but I feel so good about this one. Sure, I've said that before...but this time it really feels different. I'm trying to proceed with caution...but I can't seem to take this silly grin off of my face. My life has completely flipped in the past month...and I'm so happy about it. The one thing that I am not happy about is the fact that I'm entering in to yet another long distance relationship. I don't know how I keep getting myself in to these situations. Oy Vay! But here goes far he seems to be worth it...and at least New Jersey and S. Carolina are in the same time zone...and only about 8 hours apart.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Suspicious Minds....

So I got a very suspcious phone call yesterday from an Aunt that I never hear from. I didn't answer the phone when she called cause I didn't recognize the I sent it to my voicemail. She just called to say that she loves me and that she is proud of me for graduating. (p.s. I graduated 2 months ago). I get suspicious when I get these kinds of calls because it makes me know that my dad has told her how worried he is about me. Which I don't really get. If your daughter just graduated and was planning on attending Grad School in the fall to become a diplomat....would you be worried about her? Or would you have a great kid? Sometimes I feel like the only thing that matters to my parents is the fact that I'm not married to a mormon guy with five kids and all that. But lets face it...I am me...and I am not that girl that they dreamt I would be. BIG SIGH! Tonight I am on my way to Vegas...I couldn't be more excited!!! I am going to see that Mr. Airforce...who has actually earned the right to a real name amongst my friends. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

by popular demand....

Ok...well I only had a request from one person to update my blog. But I really like that one here I go. I'm sitting in one of my favorite locations in Salt Lake City listening to music and sipping on chai. I have had a lot of Ah Hah! moments lately. After years of putting up with a mediocre man...I think I may have hit the jackpot. I met this guy just a few months ago. He isn't from Salt Lake, nor does he live here. I know what you are thinking...smooth move dummy....way to find ANOTHER long distance relationship. Well I didn't plan on it really. Its strange because I wasn't looking to meet anyone. I was perfectly happy with the situation I was in....but then Reggie walked in to my life. Reggie is nothing like the guys I usually go for. As you know...I usually prefer my men foreign. haha Reggie is totally an American. He is in the Air force (another thing I vowed never to get involved in), he currently lives in Vegas but is moving to Charleston on the 15th. He is smart, funny, artistic, spontaneous, loves to travel and is so cool! Reggie is mature and thoughtful and so many things that past relationships have not been. Its kind of funny because both of us were at that place in life where we were content being single and we weren't looking for anything. I guess that's usually when it happens.

Anyway...I'm going to Vegas on Saturday to spend a few days with him before he moves. I'm so excited to be going to see him. We always have the best conversations and I plan on kicking his butt in bowling. I don't remember the last time I met a guy that made me feel like this. I will keep you posted...but for now things aren't looking so good for that guy from Jersey that some of you were pulling for. He just isn't a man...