Sunday, February 10, 2008


Why is it that women put up with mediocre men? Now I know that there are some wonderful men out there....but seriously! It seems like men are constantly rewarded with poor behavior and mediocrity at best.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Primary Colors......

The primary elections were held last night....and as democrats-we are still undecided on our top pick for President. We have two very strong canidates and it has put us all into a conundrum. But there is something that the media is trying to do...and I'm really annoyed with it. They are trying to say that because I'm a female democrat and white that I am voting for Hillary Clinton, while the black man down the street is voting for Obama. Well they couldn't be more wrong! Last night I voted for Barack Obama. Not because he is black or because he is a man, but because I believe in him. His message is one of unity and hope, not of race or gender. As a woman, of course I would love to see a female president in the white house sooner than later. However, I don't feel that Hillary is the best choice. I am tired of people pitting us against each other. So when I see headlines like....candidates are splitting votes between color and gender lines it makes me angry! If you will please notice who is backing Obama in the media....Oprah (yes she is black), Senator Kennedy (white male), Dave Matthews (white male), Will (black male), Jennifer Aniston (white female), Maria Shriver (white female), Jessica Edstrom (white female)! point is...I don't think we are as divided as they are claiming. I just wish that all of those things would stop being an issue....and that we could focus on coming together and making a change in this great nation of ours. I believe it is vitally important to repair our damaged foreign relations and to heal the hearts of every American, and I believe Barack Obama is the best person to do this. YES WE CAN!

On a final note....I believe the greatest thing about this country is that we have the privilege to vote. We are so blessed as Americans to have a say in what happens in our country. I don't expect all of my friends and family to vote the same way that I do, in fact....they usually don't. But I am so proud to know so many people who voted, young and old who went out and made their voices heard. When you see races as close as the democratic have to know-YOUR VOTE COUNTS! I don't care who you support, but please get out there and make an educated vote.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

black car? last week after sliding across the fucking icy snowy road in Sandy, Utah I decided that I should wash my car. So today...after making sure that it wasn't going to snow today, I went to a nice little car wash and had the super wash done on my car. I thought that my car was grey all winter, however--after the wash...I realized that I have a black car! How exciting. :) I love black cars and I'm happy to have one. My car will soon be paid off and that was my first thought as I slid beyond my control. Thank god it still works and only left a small scar on my little Ebony.

I'm done with winter. Last week I went to Orange County to see Josh and the set that he designed. The set was amazing and it was wonderful to be in the warm California sun as well. Josh and I had a lot of fun...but didn't do too much. The biggest surprise of the trip was an Obama rally that I was lucky enough to stumble upon. I am fired up and ready to go. I sure hope Obama wins....he gives me so much hope for the future, and boy do we need it! But...whoever you decide to vote for-make an educated choice and please is the most important thing you'll ever do!